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Reflective Blanket Insulation

reflective blanket by Mountain Energy Systems is our Revolutionary Insulation for the growing home energy conservation market. Our reflective blanket helps eliminate hot and cold spots when added to existing insulation.  This is our eco-friendly way to help conserve energy, save money, and protect the environment. Our reflective blanket has a special center core that gives it additional R-values over Radiant Barrier.  All Mountain Energy Systems products are American made and we back them with the best warranties and service in the industry.

Mountain Energy’s house wrap is a thicker version of the reflective blanket which is designed to be used on your exterior walls & underneath your homes to provide even more comfort and savings.

multi layer insulation, radiant, barrier, radiant barrier

Mountain Energy Systems’s multi-layer insulation products are another revolutionary insulation in the growing reflective insulation market.  Our MLI products are extremely durable and provide several useful applications to fit your insulation needs in various situations.  They reduce the cost of heating and cooling our customers’ homes and create for them a more comfortable living environment.

How does the Multi-Layer Insulation Work?

Mountain Energy’s™ multi-layer insulation improves the performance of mass insulation by increasing the thermal efficiency and reducing radiant, conduction, and convection heat transfer which is based on it’s applicable method for each situation.

Two highly reflective aluminum surfaces resist radiant heat transfer in Mountain Energy Systems’s MLI.  This is a feature not offered by traditional mass insulation. In between these two highly reflective surfaces is a fibrous center core that helps to prevent conductive and convective heat transfer in addition to the radiant heat benefits.

By adding this technology between the two outer layers of aluminum, we created a compound effect on the MLI’s performance against all 3 types of heat transfer.  In addition to all the reflective properties, our Multi-Layer Insulation offers additional R-values.  (See product charts for details.)

Mountain Energy Products are installed by trained professionals. We install year around in all weather conditions. Most installations can be completed in less than a single day.

Hot Water Heater Wrap

yellowblue’s Water Heater Wraps are designed to help lower the cost of heating the water in your home. You may be spending up to 10% or more of your utilities for water heating alone.

  • Easy to Install
  • Lightweight
  • Fire tested
  • Completely Safe to Handle
  • Hypo-Allergenic


mass insulation

is the common type of insulation in your attic before we install Reflective Insulation.

mass insulation

mass insulation

You know the hottest part of your house during the summer is your attic and it’s the coldest part during the winter. Without adequate insulation, the extreme differences in temperature cause heat transfer into the living space of your home from the attic in the summer or heat loss from the the home into attic during the winter, both causing an increasing demand on your air conditioning or heating system to provide you with the comfort you desire. Based on industry standards, insulating your attic with the proper insulation reduces the rate of heat transfer which lowers the amount you spend on energy.

mass insulation